Getting startups to the pink of health

A diagnostic consultation for product startups to
venture scale

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Startup Health Checkup Program by ProdZen
Preparing Startups to Venture Scale

Going from 0 to 1 for startups is no cakewalk. But scaling from 1 to 10 or 10 to
100 is a mammoth task. That’s why we have combined strategic analysis and
expertise to narrow down key factors that allow startups to become ready to
venture scale. Our Startup Health Checkup provides startups with an analysis
of their product and process and presents recommendations that can help
them become growth ready.

Product Review

Product Review

Business Review

Business Review

GTM Review

GTM Review


Tech/Arch Review

Dev process review

Dev Process Review

Team review

Team Review

Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Comp Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Growth Workshop

Growth Workshop

Areas we probe


Product market fit

Product-Market Fit
Is it the right product for the right audience and delivered at the right time?


TAM Size
Is the Total Addressable Market large enough to venture scale?


Team Competence
Is the team adept enough to deliver the product to the market?


GTM Execution
Is there a sound GTM strategy in place to fit the current scenario?

Tech and arch

Tech & Architecture
Are the tech stack and foundation 
ready for reliability and scale

Comp Landscape

Competitive Advantage
Is there a key competitive differentiator to leverage?


How will you benefit?

This one-time audit not only identifies existing gaps but also shares detailed actionable recommendations on how to overcome them including a workshop with the startup founders to prepare a POA to venture scale. We're not here to undermine your growth efforts, but serve as a catalyst for exponential growth. After all, there's always room to grow. 

Generate greater results

Generate greater returns



Reduce process inconsistencies

understand product

Understand if the product and tech teams are growth ready 

Pan portfolio growth

Achieve growth at scale

When should you get a Checkup?

There's a time to hustle, there's a time to grow and there's a time to reflect and regroup to understand how can you grow better.

Ideally, that's when you can avail our checkup to understand what can be worked upon. Here are some common instances when startups reach out to us. 

About to raise a round
Year after a round
Reduced growth phase/ Unmet targets 
Steady business but not hockey stick growth
New expansion or development
Company/Team reorganisation
Financial uncertainity 


A Been-There-Done-That Panel Of Experts

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Kaustubh Patekar
Product Strategy, Tech Architecture and GTM

Kaustubh founded ProdZen in 2016 and has helped over 50 clients - startups, product and IT services companies - scale their business. He has built and scaled products and businesses as a startup founder, PM, and VP - Products across companies in US and India. He is a core team member of Nasscom DeepTech Club and mentors startups and helps grow the deep tech ecosystem in India.

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Bhavish Sood
GTM, Product Marketing and Investor Pitch

Bhavish is the General Partner at Modulor Capital, a cross-border fund that invests in HealthTech, and Enterprise Software sectors with a focus on IoT, Digital and AI/ML. He is a former Gartner analyst and has operational expertise in GTM, Product marketing and positioning. He is actively involved in TiE Chandigarh, Angel networks and guides startups in his portfolio and outside.

Devayani Purohit

Devayani Purohit
Dev Process, Agile and Product Management

With expertise in Location Technology and Insurance, Devayani has delivered many large scale initiatives with the annual budget to the tune of  5M USD while managing distributed, cross-functional devops teams of 20+ full time personnel. A strong Agile proponent, she endorses rapid product releases based on iterative feedback. Adaptable to new domains and tech, she excels in data-driven problem-solving skills.

What Startup Leaders Have To Say About Us

Navin Thangiahwas an amazing experience! Thank you Prodzen for your insights and prodding us to get out of our comfort zones to find scalable, repeatable, and profitable business models." 

Navin Thangiah, Co-founder, MobileOffize


Vikram Saxena

Found the engagement quite useful. Frank discussions validated what we are doing right and provided an understanding of what we are not doing right. Just like in a car race, it's important to make a pit stop; this was a very significant pit stop. A fresh set of eyes, new energy in the team, and realignment. Overall, a wonderful experience."

Vikram Saxena, Founder and CEO, BetterCommerce


Prathamesh Bhingarde

"Our experience has been refreshingly great. As a service company entering into the B2B SaaS product market, we had more than our fair share of challenges to overcome. We tried multiple external freelancers and agencies before coming across Kaustubh and The Prodzen. Things that worked great for us - realistic expectations set from day one, crucial expertise provided in "gap" areas like product management, pricing fundamentals, and a holistic consulting approach with real-life examples called upon to make sense."

Prathamesh Bhingarde, Co-founder and MD, Futuroot


Looking For A Checkup? Get In Touch.